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Thank you so much Cayla for trusting us and for the privilege of treating your sweet daughter’s tethered tissues.


Dr. Robert H. Thornton, DMD

Here is a wonderful post that Cayla Marie Edwards shared on her Facebook page and included the tag of our office in her post:

Cayla Marie Edwards Facebook Post:

Rylee had her tongue tie and lip tie released 3 weeks ago! I can not express how impressed I was with the entire process at Dr. Thornton’s office. The procedure was 10 minutes or less and recovery was a breeze!

We have struggled with weight gain the first month of life, colic symptoms, lots of spit up/reflux, hiccups, milk leaking around mouth when drinking from a bottle, and poor milk supply for me.

The biggest thing was the 4 month sleep regression, at least that’s what i blamed the waking every 2 hours on  but it just happened to be a result of our tongue and lip tie. (She sleeps 10-12 hours now)

Ginny Swindoll at Irby Psychology was so thorough and recognized all of the symptoms and sent us to Dr. Thornton. So, all this to say, if your kiddo is struggling, I highly recommend going to get the tongue checked out! Robert H. Thornton, DMD, PLLC Ginny Swindoll, SLP – Myo and Infant Feeding. We are so grateful for our chiropractor as well, Dr. Hope, who sees Rylee and made sure she was aligned prior to her procedure.