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Cayla Marie Edwards Facebook Post:

Rylee had her tongue tie and lip tie released 3 weeks ago! I can not express how impressed I was with the entire process at Dr. Thornton’s office. The procedure was 10 minutes or less and recovery was a breeze!

We have struggled with weight gain the first month of life, colic symptoms, lots of spit up/reflux, hiccups, milk leaking around mouth when drinking from a bottle, and poor milk supply for me.

The biggest thing was the 4 month sleep regression, at least that’s what i blamed the waking every 2 hours on  but it just happened to be a result of our tongue and lip tie. (She sleeps 10-12 hours now)

Ginny Swindoll at Irby Psychology was so thorough and recognized all of the symptoms and sent us to Dr. Thornton. So, all this to say, if your kiddo is struggling, I highly recommend going to get the tongue checked out! Robert H. Thornton, DMD, PLLC Ginny Swindoll, SLP – Myo and Infant Feeding. We are so grateful for our chiropractor as well, Dr. Hope, who sees Rylee and made sure she was aligned prior to her procedure.


Mandy Xa Facebook Post:

Long post ahead regarding oral ties!!

I’m sharing this info publicly because these practitioners have been excellent and deserve the praise. AND, to make other moms aware of this stuff- I had NO clue that oral ties were even a problem until Alice…

We went to Alice’s 1 month check up and I had some concerns. She was spitting up a lot, fussy, gassy, constant intense hiccups and pulling back in discomfort when she nursed. Nursing was painful and it was really taking a toll on both of us. My best friend (a pediatric ot) had mentioned weeks earlier that Alice looked to have a mild lip tie, but at the time we didn’t have any problems so I didn’t think anything else about it.
At the 1 month visit we did some troubleshooting with our fabulous nurse practitioner Mary Claire Harlow (she was at All Better but has recently left to start her own practice in collierville opening in January – it will be called integrative pediatrics). She acknowledged that Alice appeared to have a lip tie, but she recommended we see a specialist that could be sure. She thought she could have mild silent reflux and wrote me a rx for Pepcid but said if it didn’t help quickly to move forward with the oral tie consult.

After asking around and doing my own research I really felt like her issues were not reflux and most likely oral ties. I knew that if we were going to have release, I wanted the BEST dr. numbing agents, and laser. A friend (Jasmin Day of New Day Healing and Wellness) recommended Dr Robert H. Thornton, DMD, PLLC in Tupelo and he checked all the boxes.

Dr Thornton and his entire office were awesome. They got us in the next day. We filled out some paper work (She literally had 10/10 of the symptoms) watched some videos on how oral ties, the revision process, aftercare, and he assessed her… it turned out that she had upper lip tie, upper cheek ties (buccal ties), and tongue tie. We swaddled her up, the numbed her mouth, and took her back for less than 10 minutes. She was clearly not happy when they brought her to me, but after some snuggles and nursing and genexa tylenol all was fine.

Part of having ties released is doing the aftercare and bodywork. I learned so much about how involved the tongue and mouth are literally influential in every part of the body. We were sent to feeding therapist Ginny Gordon Swindoll at Irby Psychological Services, LLC in Southaven. She gave us help on retraining Alice on how to latch with her new abilities and range of motion. She has a high palate and gagged very easily – that means no paci or bottles would work. We took home some exercise assignments and great bottle recommendations that have worked perfectly.

We also found a great physical therapist specializing in Myofacial release, Grace Vedala at MFR Yoga via the TN tongue tie fb group and then later rec’d by Ginny. Grace has been wonderful- she’s great with Alice and she literally did the stretches on me / in my mouth so that I could understand how to do them for Alice. She’s worked through her entire body and we leave feeling like she got fabulous treatment as well as know how we can continue at home.

Last, but certainly not least, we love Dr Allison L. Bomar-Hyong at Midtown Chiropractic and Vital Principal Functional Medicine. She has been an integral part of our journey while I was pregnant and she’s been seeing Alice since she was a month old. When we leave Dr Bomar, Alice always has a good poop and long nap when we get home!

Anyway, I wanted to share all that because it was a wild ride. I think having a team that knows each other and works well together is important! (Dr Thornton sent me to Ginny, Ginny sent me to Grace) I didn’t have any issues with Ace nursing but he refused bottles. After all this I looked and he also has the same ties, as does Johnny. I just felt so validated as a mother – I knew something wasn’t right and it wasn’t reflux and I’m glad we didn’t keep giving her meds she didn’t need. We’re 6 weeks post revisions and doing great!


I highly recommend this dentist to anyone needing work done on their teeth and to get started with a program to maintain their teeth.


Wonderful, friendly and professional staff! I am very satisfied with my visits each time! Couldn’t ask for anyone better!!


Best dentist office I’ve ever seen. I’m always greeted with a smile by Nicole and get to[ notch service from everyone there.


I was very impressed with Dr. Thornton and his staff. He told me what my problem was and explained it so I could understand it. He explained what he could do to help me. He and his staff went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Thornton and his staff to everyone.


Dr. Thornton is an exceptionally gifted dentist. I am thrilled with results. The office reflects the values of the dentist.


Dr. Thornton and his staff are some of the best! They are always friendly and easy to talk with. They are very patient conscious – always putting us first and wanting the very best experience for us. I would recommend them to everyone.


Having had a history of dental problems and several unpleasant circumstances in dental facilities, this office rates at the top of my list for loving, caring service. It’s a relief to know there are still people who perform with excellence in every area. I have been so humiliated in other places I felt like giving up. However, this is a place that gives hope: If anyone has major dental work to be done, I highly recommend this office.


First let me say, I have a strict schedule at work. With that in mind, the staff always accommodates my schedule. Everyone is friendly. Everyone seems knowledgeable of each patient and what they have going on in their lives even outside of their dental visits. Patients are seen in a very timely and considerate manner. I will definitely recommend to others.


Dr. Thornton is such a breath of fresh air – along with his staff. I have never been as informed about the importance of dental care and the way he presented it and taught me about it really put the importance in perspective for me. I appreciate the efficient staff and the personal touch that was shown to me. I’ve already suggested his office to many family and friends. Thank y’all for your help and I look forward to using y’all in the near future!


I was extremely anxious about going to the dentist. I have several dental problems that needed to be addressed. I have been humiliated by a previous dentist and staff in the past and I was in tears the morning I was to go for my appointment with Dr. Thornton. Everyone was so kind and understanding…they made me feel like there was hope for me even though I felt hopeless. I felt completely at ease by the time I left the office. I am eager to being the process of restoring my dental health.


I found this office by chance. I walked in at random. I was immediately greeted with the most friendly and professional two ladies. We talked about the practice a bit. All questions and concerns were discussed. A week later I returned for the first of 4 appointments without hesitation. It was an experience just as I wanted for our family. Professional but fun and sensitive to my children’s needs. I look forward to building a relationship with this office.


I am a firm believer that customer service is the key to any successful business. The first person you see when you walk through any business in the office administrator. One of the main reasons I have chosen to stay with this dentistry is because of the administrative assistant, they know me by name, they call to check on you and because the overall staff is just amazing. Also a plus is, over the speaker while I’m getting a nice cleaning or work done, my heart, soul and mind is comforted at the sounds of what’s being played…it’s just an all around sweet spirit in that place. I love every minute of every visit.


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